A Gentle Touch

A Place to Communicate with Spirit.


Different Meanings

Is Spirituality different for being spiritual? What is Spiritual? We shall attempt to explain the meaning of being spiritual. There is much confusion and this term is used to cover different meanings.

Many people think that because a person is a healer or a medium that means they are a spiritual person, although it is likely that such people are spiritual being a healer or medium does not mean that person is spiritual. Being a spiritual person is hard to quantify, if a person goes around saying i am a spiritual person then it is highly likely they are no such thing. Being Spiritual comes naturally to you you do not have to learn anything specific, no wonderful technique with an exotic name, no great words have to spew from their lips, no great essays appear in a proffessional journal. All you have to be is compassionate, non judgemental and loving towards all living things.

Love Yourself

The hardest thing that most people in this field find to do is love themselves. In Louise Hay's Books the theme that runs through them all is for an individual to love themselves by standing in front of a mirror saying I Love You to the relection. Even if you do not accept this at first eventually you will come to believe it is the most important lesson of all.

We have to take care of ourselves so we are fit enough to help others and we understand the processes that go towards helping others. Love is the key word in all Spiritual transactions, it is the money of Spirit if you like and the more love you have the more it buys for others and of course yourself.