A Gentle Touch

A Place to Communicate with Spirit.

Who am I?

A Spiritual Being

It is very important that you take the time to develop your own self, not as a medium but as a person, a spiritual being, in this way you will start to understand who you really are when you remove the trappings of the earthly life.

Imagine yourself in spirit now and realise that everyone in spirit can see you for who you really are. When you arrive in spirit you are stripped bare of all covers you cannot hide, all is known. What are you trying to achieve by imagining this? Well you will realise that you have much to learn about you and the reason you act as you do and the truth about how you act.

Taken Aback

Much of what we do we appear to do instinctively without thought, yet if we examined our actions in these situations we would be taken aback by our hidden thought process, we can hide some thoughts even from ourselves and when we realise what these thoughts are enlightenment follows and we become a more rounded human being and we realise who we really are.

Finding Out

How do we find out these things, well we contemplate these things and when we have established a good working relationship with our guides and mentor, we will be guided to understand much more, more quickly. So find that quiet time each day. That time can be when you are walking, running, sitting in an environment that suits you usually in parks gardens or rooms with gentle music, make your choice so it fits with your day. You will benefit from such activity and you will find your Mediumship follows naturally and improves as you find out more about you. I do not wish to talk to you about my experience because it will mean very little to you as you have your own path to tread.