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A Place to Communicate with Spirit.


Spiritual Awareness

Doctors working in America operated on a pianist who had to have very delicate surgery on her brain. She was very slowly frozen until her heart stopped beating, then the blood was drained from her body completely at this point she was dead the doctors had a few minutes to finish their work and the would have to start to bring the Woman back to life. Very slowly they replaced the blood and began the pains taking process of warming the frozen body. The heart started to beat of its own accord and the woman regained consciouness. Remarkably she was able to tell the surgeons what they had said to one and other and describe the actions they took she described a box which they had taking from a cupboard after the blood had been drained from her body. The Doctors concluded that the mind must survive outside of the human body. Sceptics tried to explain it away by saying that very often patients are awake during operations but this ploy failed because the woman was dead at the time of the events she described and her physical brain could not have registered anything at all, but her mind could and did.

Our Spirit cannot die it is part of the whole of creation. You may wish to call that wholeness anything you like many call it God or universal energy force.

Dark Energy

Some people think that the latest theories about dark energy fit the bill and call it God. The Jury is out as to the existance of Dark Energy Scientists have many theories about it but they still have to be proven. Having said that the one fact they think is true is that this energy speeds up the creation of the universe, sound familiar?. The other theory that we seem to have heard somewhere before it surrounds everything in creation and never leaves you


We continue to exist after we die, every word, thought and memory will survive physical death and live on. All of our personality lives on after we die.

Spiritual Nature

It is very important the we understand that Spiritual Awareness means knowing our own Spiritual Nature and being able to communicate with our Spiritual Selves so we are aware of our spiritual development and where we are in a spiritual sense in other words the degree to which we have evolved.

We can do this through meditation where we can look at the spiritual quality and how much spiritual content is in our lives.

The way we can link to spiritual things in an everyday way is through our emotions , our feelings, our senses, If we think of a situation that awakes a good memory and therefore a good emotion we link to spiritual things through that emotion.

We are Spirit

Strangely many people find accepting this fact very difficult. To accept we are Spirit is the first essential in Accepting Spiritual Awareness.