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What does Psychic mean?

Psychic is a word derived from the greek roughly translated it means vehicle of the soul. Now the Spiritualist National Union, in the UK, has defined the word psychic to mean a power which we all have. That power is the ability to communicate with each other without words. So when you sense the phone is going to ring and Aunt Agatha is ringing you, that is being psychic.

The SNU also beleive that there are two ways to pass on information to an individual. They are best described by these aide memoirs. A spiritual Message is one that comes from Spirit (the person who has passed away), through Spirit (the Medium) to Spirit(the recipient).Where as the Psychic message comes from The Spirit of the Recipient directly to the Spirit of the Medium

Physical World

The psychic senses vibrations from the physical world. As with all things the more you practise the more developed you psychic senses become. Some people develop these senses to a point where it is easily confused with a contact from the world of spirit.


There are dangers with psychic messages the biggest pitfall if you like is that the psychic confuses the desires of the recipient with the facts and this can lead to a person following a pathway which is not right for them.

One example of this is when a psychic thought that the desires that a person would win a court case were the real thing and advised the recipient that they would win.The person was delighted and staked his house on the predicted outcome and then lost the case leaving his finances in tatters.

The lesson here is to always be cautious when giving a psychic message to someone.

Physical Psychic phenomena

This is where the psychic has an effect on physical things it is usually know as Telekinesis. Uri Geller apparently had an effect on many physical things for example bending forks and spoons. Other people have moved large objects by thinking about them.

Mental Psychic Pheomena

This type of phemonina is percieved by the medium alone. No-one else can see hear or sense it.

Generally speaking the rule is if it is physical everyone can see the effect. If it is mental then only the pschic or medium can see the effect.