A Gentle Touch

A Place to Communicate with Spirit.


The Course

This course is here to help you find out if Mediumship is right for you. It also aims to help you understand what is involved in working with Spirit and the responsibility you take on when you decide to do this work.

It is your decision, do not allow anyone to pressurize you into working with Spirit, investigate what it means, you will find nearly every person you meet will have a different idea on how it works.

Development Groups or Circles

This course does not replace the need for you to attend a development group. We can give you facts and beliefs we cannot guide an individual as they work, everyone is different and will need advice tailored to their needs

Therefore it is important that you join a development group, you should find a group that suits you. One where you feel happy and relaxed and there are no feelings of animosity between the sitters. All very well you might say but I live in a small community in the middle of nowhere and the are not any groups for miles in that case we would suggest you found an online group perhaps on paltalk or a social network where you have the ability to talk and type rather than just type. You can learn more about circles in the Circles section.


Whatever you think, say or do is your responsibility you cannot blame anyone else, Personal Responsibility is the most important principle of Spiritualism and wether you believe in an all seeing , knowing type person which many people call God or not does not matter it is always your responsibility and you have to answer to yourself. The question you will have to answer is did I live the best life I could or was I found wanting.