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Circles and Groups

Honesty and Truth

Honesty and Truth go hand in hand, without one you cannot have the other.. We do have to be honest with ourselves in order to establish what we are seeking and why

What is truth and why is it so important to us? We tend to spend a lot of time looking for reasons for doing what we are doing. We tend to analyse and justify. We dismiss simple, logical answers because they are simple. If we are completely honest with ourselves right from the start, the answers become simple. Most of us need to be loved, we want the world to know we are loved. We have been touched by the love of Spirit and we need to know more and feel that our lives have a purpose.

We can never be the same again. Nothing on Earth can ever give you the same sense of wonder, happiness a joy at being alive. No words can express the feeling. It is a state of being that defies words because it encompasses all the senses, the emotions, mind, body and overwhelming sense of being part of a greatness, being part of a supreme intelligence, being part of the Great Spirit

Now is your time, grasp it with both hands, take your opportunities, go forward confident that the love of spirit is with you and nothing should stand in the way of your work and your future.


It is essential that confidentiality is maintained in all circles because each individual must feel free to express themselves fully without any reservations and with total confidence that no one will repeat what they say outside of the group.

You can talk about what happened in the circle in a general way. However anything said or done regarding an individual in Circle then it is of the utmost importance that you do not talk about it outside of the group

You should also be aware that it becomes very easy to talk to another member of circle about a confidential matter and not realise that others are listening to your conversation. So be on your guard, the trust within a group is at stake. If there is a situation where people will not be honest with each other because they fear the subject will be raised elsewhere then the Circle will suffer and members of the group will not attain their full potential.


Discipline is a very necessary attribute when learning to control your own and spirit energies. When we first open up to spirit, recognising our own unique ability, to be able to communicate with those in the spirit world, we become fascinated and want to spend more and more time linked to that world.

We can become addicted to the “high” we feel when working in that spirit energy. We have to learn to “switch off” turn our thoughts away from those feelings and ground ourselves in mundane, normal everyday activities. To allow ourselves to remain linked to these energies, we find ourselves becoming tired, unable to sleep and therefore unable to function properly within the physical world.

When you decide you want to develop, find a group with a teacher who is able to provide a safe and secure environment for you to learn in and offer practical guidance to help you cope with your new found energy.


Understand that once you begin on the pathway of self -discovery you have to accept the responsibility that it brings.

You have made a commitment to your spirit and to those working with you in the spirit world, be sure you are ready to give the time and energy needed in your development. Your guide will tell you that learning should be fun and will try to make it enjoyable at the same time, but remember this is a serious undertaking not a game or party trick.


This is a word you will hear quite often especially in relationship to your own spiritual development. Patience with yourself, your development cannot be hurried.

You are at the beginning of a long journey, one that will take the rest of your life. Learning about yourself, your environment, the planet and the universe and how you are all connected but this cannot be learnt quickly, it is a very slow process, necessary in order to understand the full implications of who and what you are!

Your place within creation. Enjoy the journey, do not rush or you might miss the opportunities to learn more.