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Development Circles

There are many different types of Circle, each circle has a purpose and will be formulated according to it's aim. The Circle has its roots in tribal custom where people sat in a circle to indicate that everyone has the opportunity to take a equal part in the proceedings. Circles range from open through various development circles to physical phenomena circles.

The Circle Structure

All circles will take on the character of the person leading the group. Circles, in their time, have had as many transformations as there are mediums running them. Some mediums like to balance the energies by having man, woman alternately around the circle. We believe that it does not matter, as we are all spirit, which in its developed form has no gender. In fact the first control of the circle I came into contact with referred to the guides as it. It comes here to show you etc, not he or she. Some people like to keep the same chair as they expect their guide to wait there for them. We believe, your guide is with you not all the time therefore you can sit where you like unless there is a specific reason for people to sit in a particular place. It could be that the medium is a trance medium and needs the more experienced people sitting next to them because they trust them to react correctly when spirit en'trance the medium.

Rejection is not your fault

You must remember that Circle leaders and existing circle members have the right to say they do not want you in the circle. Do not take this to heart, there are a myriad of reasons why people are rejected by circles. Usually you will find that, as in life, there are some people you do not gel with. Fortunately this has been recognized by the circle leader or group and they have said no. To try to sit when members do not get on well together will eventually lead to factions within the group. What is important within a circle is that everybody trusts each other and no one person must harbor bad feeling towards another. The other possibility is that you may feel uneasy with one person in a group. In this case it is your responsibility to say so and not join that group. Having said all that it is unlikely that it will happen but if it does it is not your fault or circles fault it just happens, move on.

In A Group

Once you are in a development group, try not to judge your progress by others and how they are doing. We all come from different backgrounds, we all have a different job to do, so we all must develop the skills we need, not the skills as someone else potrays them. The best way forward is always to understand that you must do what is right for you.