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Opening Circle and Yourself

Opening Yourself

It is not strictly necessary to open and close yourself because this happens naturally .When you think about spirit you are open. When you concentrate on worldly things such as mowing the lawn, or the 3.30pm at Kempton, or what dress shall I wear tonight. Then you are closed.

Opening Circle

In many Circles you will have the process of opening the Circle. The purpose of this is to ask for guidance in what we do and to ask for protection for the circle. A prayer said from the heart can lift the vibration and help the circle enormously. However it must be stressed that today the emphasis by modern teachers is on the individual's personal responsibility to control what is happening. We will expand this concept later on.

There are many old style mediums and teachers who insist on methods of working which are no longer regarded as logical so we will tell you what happens with these methods so you are aware of what others are doing.

The opening usually involves either a prayer to God or a request to Spirit or both dependant on the beliefs of those who set up the Circle you are in. During this process you will start to attune yourself to spirit and to the other members of the circle. You may find that you start to sense how others feel. So if someone is sitting in the Circle with the raging hump you may start to feel bad tempered yourself. The way to recognise this is to ask yourself if you felt ok when you arrived and did this feeling come on for no apparent reason, if the answer is yes then it belongs to someone else. To clear this feeling ask if anyone in Circle feels as you do as soon as possible and to send the person a healing thought. You should attempt to leave all thought of your earthly problems outside of Circle. As well as causing problems like the one mentioned above for the others in the Circle, problems brought into circle may cause disharmony within the group.

This is the psychic level coming into play. If you do have something playing on your mind mention it at the start of the circle so everyone knows it is not their feeling.

If you are asked to open the Circle then I suggest you visualise a golden light building around the circle, forming a sort of golden cover over the circle before you say your opening prayer. The opening should reflect your belief, however it must be remembered that when we invite people on earth to help us, we thank them when they have. So it is with spirit, they will await your permission to work with you and it is polite to thank them when they have. The prayer itself should be from your heart. It does not have to sound like it was written by a poet or try to out do the Ancient Mariner for length. Spirit like to keep things simple

Simple prayers are often the most meaningful and the most beautiful. Also prayers give you an opportunity to talk out loud on behalf of others to an unseen power. This is good practise at talking in public without knowing what you are going to say, after all that is what a medium has to learn to do when working with spirit.


When sitting with someone in trance or under control there may be a period when they appear to be asleep. They are not. Never assume that someone is asleep in circle. Never touch a person in circle unless guided to do so by the circle leader. Never touch a person in trance unless guided to do so by the guide (control) in control of the medium. Please note this is mentioned here as a person meditating was shook by a novice sitter and told to wake up.

In a trance sitting talking normally is permitted provided the Guide has indicated that it is ready to talk or has spoken. However be aware of the state of the circle and moderate your voice if the room is really quiet. Do not make loud exaggerated noises, try to be relaxed and treat the whole thing as a fairly normal activity after all you are only having a chat and a pleasant time with another Human Being who happens to be in Spirit.

Meditation in Circle

In meditation or sitting in the power make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position. It is best you do not cross your legs because after a while you will become uncomfortable and have to move. This movement may distract others in the group which is not conducive to good quality times in circle.

Please note that not crossing your legs has nothing to do with crossing wires, mixing up your vibrations or any other such thing. These are old wives tales. Spirit is an intelligent source of love and power I am sure a crossed leg here and there will not stop them communicating.

The other great one is folded arms, here we must be careful folded arms do not stop spirit communicating. However if you are feeling introvert, withdrawn and feeling insecure, that could make communication difficult. Now folded arms can be a sign that you feel insecure etc. However it can also mean that you just feel more relaxed when you fold your arms.