A Gentle Touch

A Place to Communicate with Spirit.

Circles follow the pattern set by many tribal people in many different countries. All the people of the tribe used to sit in a large circle and tell stories about the exploits of their ancestors. These stories contained the history of the tribe. The circle was arranged so that no one had a more prominent position than another, In other words all were free, equal and expected to voice their opinion.

In our circles it is hoped that all will feel able to voice an opinion without feeling worried about the outcome. In fact we feel it is important that people are at ease and can talk freely. Unfortunately many circle leaders think they have a monopoly on what is right and try to force you to do things in a certain way.

We only expect you to adapt to the situation you find yourself in hopefully this will enable you to work in any situation. We believe that when we bottle up our thoughts and feelings it causes problems within the group. Each group has a purpose, the introduction to development groups purpose is to give you enough knowledge for you to be able to develop your Mediumship in a way which is right for you.

Before Circle

You should aim to arrive at Circle at least 5 minutes early so you can relax before the circle starts. Lateness is rarely tolerated. It is important that we start on time, in the past we have seen resentment build up because some people have made the effort to arrive on time and others roll in late.

Be sure you have been to the toilet before you sit as some Circles Leaders do not allow you to leave the room once proceedings have started. Smokers should be sensitive to others wishes. Smoking before and after circle may cause disharmony with people who do not smoke. If you need to smoke, then smoke outside.

Wear comfortable clothes as you will be sitting for at least 1 Hour. Do not wear perfume or after shave. Try not to use any scented products because you may be made aware of the perfume of spirit which can be confused with other perfumes. Some people have allergies which are aggravated by scented product

Where to sit in circle.

In many circles the leader will choose where you sit, some like to seat men and women alternately, this is said to balance the male and female energy. We do not use this as we are spirit which means we have both energies within us

Many leaders like to have a certain individual either sitting near them or opposite them. This can be for many reasons, some valid many hangovers from the past and a few hang ups of the medium. Some circle leaders will not worry at all where you sit the first week but will insist that is where you should sit each week from then on. Others will leave it completely to the individual, the sitter will tend to sit in the same place each time.

Some people have the strange notion that the guides and helpers will not know where they are if they change seats. Well if they can find you in this world surely they can find you in the same room.