A Gentle Touch

A Place to Communicate with Spirit.

Emotional Balance

When we talk about the basics it is important that you acquire an emotional balance that stops you from being pushed hither and thither. As you develop you will become very sensitive to the emotion of others around you, if you have a good emotional balance it is much easier to spot that a feeling you have is not yours, you are sensing someone around you who feels that way.

You may, as you develop, become more sensitive to light, crowds, sound, touch and smell. You may find it difficult to go into crowded places such as supermarkets, you may find loud music a pain, or not like bright lights such as stage lighting. As you develop further you will learn to bring these feelings and emotions under control and life will become normal again.

Control your Life

The way back to normality can depend on your attitude, if you are living in the world of Spirit, that is constantly thinking of spirit and your own emotions then the longer the abnormal feelings will dog you.

Therefore the answer lies in you. Make certain times Spirit time. During non spirit time get on with normal life. If spirit comes into your mind tell them to come back at the designated time. If you feel it is something that has to be dealt with there and then, do so but try to limit the number of times you do this.

Your Responsibility

From the first day of your training to your last day on earth, it is your responsibility to control your work with Spirit. You must determine when you will work, what you are prepared to do, how you conduct yourself. When things go wrong it is all too easy to say it was spirits fault when only to often it is our own. We have personal responsibility for all of our actions. Thought, word and deed are our responsibility; not spirits