A Gentle Touch

A Place to Communicate with Spirit.

Here to Learn

It is important to realise that we are in this physical life to learn. We cannot do that properly if we try to get the answer to every problem from spirit. They cannot live our lives for us. The more enlightened beings will not tell you if you should get up today or not. Aunt flossie might but really you have Personal Responsibility for what you do, for what you say and what you think. Saying spirit told me to do something is not acceptable. What you do is your responsibility.


Do not drift off into a world where the physical experiences pass you by. By that I mean you can easily enter a state where your mind is so far enmeshed in spirit world your physical body starts to die. This happened to me nothing got through to me and my body started to feel lethargic and it seemed as if it would soon slip off like some bedraggled coat. It took an shocking event at work to bring me back so I could deal with my physical responsibilities properly

You Decide

Susan and I will never push you to develop or go this way or that. We will rarely, if ever, try to talk you out of any decision you make to leave a group or give up the work. This is to ensure that you realise it is your responsibility to control your development. It is far too easy to blame spirit for your lack of progress, when it is you holding things up, you have to make the effort to try to communicate with spirit. If you try you have succeeded if you do not try, if you give up, that is failure. So to avoid failure is easy do not give up trying. If you make the effort and put in your fifty per cent then spirit will respond and put in their fifty per cent.