A Gentle Touch

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The Guide

One Guide?

You have one guide and several helpers with you. The helpers change but the Guide stays with you always. If you envisage the Guide as Head Teacher and The helpers as the rest of the teachers. The head has responsibility for the direction of the school and word is final. The teachers tend to be experts in a particular field and take responsibility for that subject

So your guide has the final say in the direction your development will take as arranged with your spirit before you came into the physical world. The helpers are expert in a particular subject that range

The Doorkeeper

The Doorkeeper is also known in some areas as the Guardian Angel. its job is to ensure that spiritually you are safe. Of course you have freedom of will and if you willingly and knowingly put yourself in a position of danger then so be it. This spirits job is one of watching and listening and taking note of each tiny change in the etheric body around you, so they may act quickly and decisively should the need arise. Therefore you will usually find that your Doorkeeper is a person of a tribal background as they, in life, tend to spend much time noticing tiny changes in the world around them, so they are much practised in the art of protection.


These days people use the term guide to describe any spirit that appears to be helping us, passing on information or both. This has happened because in general conversation it is easier to refer to the guides as it has a particular meaning and sounds better than helpers which could mean almost anything.

Helpers are with us for all learning we have agreed to undertake in this life. With their expertise they can teach us and guide us through the most difficult times. Someone who knows about the conditions you are going through is always there, encouraging you onward and very occasionally with an instance of guidance suggesting a way back, if we stray too far from our chosen path.

Guides tend not to interfere

The rules are very straight forward, it is your life, you choose what happens in it. You choose where you go and what decisions to make. Therefore a guide will work with you whatever you decide. A guide said to me , you will receive an instance of guidance, it took three months for that instance to arrive, that shows you that Guides do not tell you things about how to run your life, they just try to keep the conditions around you right for you to learn what you have to learn.

If you are being told what to do and when to do it. A member of your family or a friend in spirit is probably interfering. They are also likely to be the one you would not listen to, or take advice from when they were here. Just because they are in spirit does not mean they know what is best for you, only you know that in your heart.