A Gentle Touch

A Place to Communicate with Spirit.

Good Foundation

Before we learn about mediumship it is important that we obtain a solid base to work from. This usually means we have to get our values sorted out and misconceptions corrected. The most common misconceptions are about the words spiritual and spirituality. Some people think being involved with spirit makes them "spiritual people" This is a very common mistake Just because someone practises a certain religion or gives psychic messages does not make them "Spiritual"

Spiritual should be viewed as a concept. One of how a Human Being should think, speak and act. People who are spiritual tend to believe they are not. If someone goes around saying they are spiritual then the likelihood is they are not.

What is Spiritual?

This is very difficult to define. Spiritual starts with the way you think, are your thoughts practicle, do they offer down to earth help and solutions to other people's problems. Do you put others before yourself. If so how does behaving like this make you feel, does it come naturally to you or is it a strain why do you do these things do you do them out of love for your fellow human being. The more you do something the easier it becomes This only comes through learning, experiencing life and its hardships. Want to be more spiritual read the warning below first.


Do not ask to be more spiritual. The only way you will become totally spiritual is through your feelings, you have to learn through experiencing things that effect your feelings, If you ask to be more spiritual the only way is through very hard lessons perhaps you will experience a whole lifetime of learning in a short space of time so do not ask to speed up your development, it will backfire on you. Let your development find it's own pace. If you do try to force things life may become a total misery for you. You have been warned!