A Gentle Touch

A Place to Communicate with Spirit.

Dedication and Commitment

If you travel along the path of working with Spirit you will need dedication and commitment, without these you will soon wander off your chosen path and lose your way. It is important that you ask yourself if you have a need to work with spirit or just a want. If you need to work with spirit then that inner resolve and drive will take you through all difficulties Without that need you will soon crumble and you will give up

As time goes by you will start to find certain things very difficult, it may be with this work , an everyday job, or your relationships. Will you be able to come through these difficult times and still work for spirit . Will you have the dedication and commitment needed in these circumstances. Think deeply as to your reasons for wanting to be a worker with Spirit, if they are embedded in your heart you will not be able to walk away.


You must look for purpose in what you do. If you seek the purpose behind what you do you will add to the strong foundation you are building. Purpose is an essential ingredient, once you find the purpose of what you do you will be well on the way to understanding what you do. Understanding what you do is important because one day you will be in a position to pass the information on to someone else. You will also be able to understand the next thing you have to learn. Purpose will give you the impetus needed to succeed. It may be many years before you relax with the work or it may come immediately, it is not important, what is important is that passing on your experience will help someone start to find their pathway


The only thing one should be dogmatic about is not being dogmatic. The best way to ensure you reach your full potential is to be flexible. Being dogmatic tends to stifle new ideas , new thoughts and your own progress