A Gentle Touch

A Place to Communicate with Spirit.

Meditation meet to your Guide

Get Comfortable

Make sure you are comfortable and will not be disturbed, if you live in a noisy environment or you are sensitive to noise, play some soothing music

Spend four or five minutes following the Buddhist meditation on breathing which you can find in example 1. This meditation helps to clear the daily clutter from your brain, to calm you down and put you in a receptive frame of mind


As we go through meet your Guides meditation you may notice that we use visualisation most of the time this is for ease of writing. You should try to notice what you sense or what you are aware of at the back of your mind. Notice inner sounds, feelings or perhaps you have a sense of just knowing and do not forget the visual aspect of meditation.

The Guide

The guide might make the presence felt in various ways, they may let you see them or hear then or you may have a feeling of just knowing they are present, so do not dismiss anything in your meditation. Do not think it is just your imagination because that’s what Spirit use to impress you with their ideas and presence.

The Meditation

Imagine you are in the centre of a room and in one wall is a large heavy door that is shut. You approach the door turn the handle and open it, you walk through the opening and close the door behind you. In front of you is a large garden, the flowers are in full bloom, and the Sun is pleasantly warm. A gentle breeze plays upon your cheek. A path lies before you follow it, taking note of all you see and sense in the garden. The insects, Butterflies, Ladybirds, the Blackbird sing it song marking its territory. You sense the peace about you.


Before you is a seat it is by a large pond you sit and contemplate nature. You ask you guide to make itself known to you. You take note of anybody that becomes known to you and understand what they say and just accept the love that is given to you.

Different For All

The guide may at this point wish you to continue walking and start to take note of what is happening around you. I cannot tell what to expect because it will be different for everyone. Each individual has a path to follow and where you are on that path is again different for each individual. It is essential you know where you are on the path and what mistakes you are repeating.

Coming Back - The here and Now

When the meditation starts to draw to a close, make your way back to the path along the path, towards your doorWhen you reach your door open it and make your way back into your room, close the door behind you and lock it. Start to feel the world again. Imagine roots going deep into the ground from your feet. To make sure you are back before you take on any task do something mundane and do not think about spirit. The reason for all of this is to make sure you are concentrating on earthly things and your head is not in the clouds. This tends to help you avoid you ploughing your car into a lamp post or falling down stairs because you were back in your meditation dreaming of other things rather than concentrating on your earthly self.

How Spirit Works

To give you an idea of how spirit works in these situations. When I first started I would achieve some progress in the work and then I would loose confidence and put it down to “my imagination” that destroyed the progress I made. The guides depicted this in my meditation by showing these very strong church walls being built and then get knocked down again. This was given so I understood the importance of being consistent and not negative in the way I dealt with Spirit.