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Breath Aware

Getting Settled

A simple breath awareness technique to help those who find meditation difficult. Sit comfortably in a chair, feet firmly placed on the ground and hands resting lightly on your lap and close your eyes. Give yourself a few moments in order to quieten yourself down, become aware of all the sensations being experienced on all levels of your being. Be aware of the sounds, body senses/feelings and the thoughts running through your mind. Wait until your feel completely settled before continuing with this meditation.


Now when you are ready, focus on the your breath, be aware of the rhythm, the sound as you inhale and exhale. Notice how your body reacts to this simple act and feel your body relax as your breath settles into its natural rhythm. Should your mind wander from the sound your breath, donít worry, gently bring it back into focus. Allow the experiences of your physical sensations, emotions and thoughts come and go, like background noise to your breath awareness. Notice how all these experiences become automatic, effortless, like your breath.


Ultimately, you will come to understand the working of your mind, knowing how it will respond to certain experiences, resisting some and wanting to hold on to others. In recognising these tendencies it becomes possible for your to let them go.