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Buddhist type meditation.

Meditation - Breath.

The object of this meditation is to make your mind clear and free from distractions. One way to achieve this is to use a simple meditation using your breathing


The first thing to consider is how to make yourself comfortable. You can sit on the floor in a chair or on a cushion the main thing to remember is to sit with a straight back and do not slouch this position will stop you becoming drowsy.


Sit with your eyes partially open and concentrate on your breathing. Your breathing should be your natural rythym. Do not try to control your breath, just become aware of the sensation of your breath entering and leaving your nostrils. Try to concentrate on this sensation and exclude everything else. When you first start to meditate your mind will be very busy and the meditation may seem to make your mind even more busy. What really is happening is that you are just becoming aware of just how busy your mind is. If you find that your mind has started to follow your thoughts. Immediately return your mind to concentrate on your breath. You should repeat this as many times as is necessary for the mind to settle back on the breath.


If you keep practising patiently in this way, slowly any distracting thoughts will subside and you will find inner peace and you will relax. Many of the problems you face will simply fall away and the new found freedom from stress may help our health.

Walking Meditation

Before you Start

Before you start just stand for a minute or two feeling your weight shift slightly onto each foot. Be aware of the sensations that come through your feet as you start to walk. Concentrate of the detail of each footstep. The way you foot first touches the ground, the way different parts of your foot touches the ground, the way it travels through the air. Notice what you are wearing on your feet how does it feel?


Become aware of your ankles your calves, shins. Think about how hot or cool you are. What does your clothing feel like, is rough or smooth does it cling or flow around you. Notice how your calf muscles react as you walk. Expand your awareness into you knees and thighs take note once again of the way your clothes feel against your skin. What is the temperature of your skin? You may want to increase your rhythm at various points in the meditation, and then let your rhythm return to normal relaxing your muscles.


Become aware of your thighs, what feelings do your clothes give you as they touch your skin ? What signals are your thigh muscles sending are they tense or do they feel relaxed to you? Does the feeling change as you go through each step? Relax your muscles as much as possible. Expand your awareness to include your hips and the muscles that surround them. Relax those muscles now. Does relaxing your muscles change the way you walk? Does the rhythm of your walk change as you relax? Be mindful of your pelvis feel how it moves when you walk. Sense your spine, feel how it responds to the pelvis as you walk. Sense the constant movement, the turning movement of your pelvis and spine and how flexible the spine can feel.

Digestive System

Can you sense the muscles that make up your digestive system as you sense the skin that covers your belly area can you feel your clothes in this area is this the centre of your body? Move up to your chest sense the contact your clothing makes with your chest as you walk. Move your perception to the shoulders. Notice how they keep to the rhythm of your walk. Notice how your arms move to this rhythm. Move your sense down the upper arm, notice your elbow , your lower arm, your wrist, hand and fingers. Feel the air playing on your hands and fingers, notice how it moves between your fingers as you move your arms forward and back.

Neck Muscles

Move your awareness to your neck and its muscles , notice as you relax these muscles your chin tucks in slightly and your head balances perfectly. Relax your jaw and eyes, do not stare, do not get distracted by things around you.


What do you feel are they any unpleasant feelings? Are there pleasant feelings? Does your mind feel sharp or muggy, clear or dull? Is your mind calm or very busy? Is your mind wandering during this meditation, are you completely immersed in the walking meditation? Do not judge these things just take note of them

Inner and Outer Balance

Do you feel that your inner experience is in balance with the outer experience, if they are, you may find your mind is at a point of calmness, stillness and clarity. Now is the time just to gently slow down and come to a stop. Notice how you balance feeling the same things as at the start of the meditation, how your weight shifts. The weight transfers through your feet and you bring your meditation to a close