A Gentle Touch

A Place to Communicate with Spirit.


There are many forms of meditation and there are meditations for different things. Our purpose is to: -

  • Achieve peace of mind.
  • Increase our spiritual energy
  • Develop an understanding of our own Spirit
  • Develop a relationship with those in Spirit who are trying to help us.
  • To develop an understanding of where we are in terms of our personal development.

We are NOT: -

  • Trying to get messages for others.
  • Trying to get messages about what we should do.
  • Trying to contact mum, dad partner etc.

No Messages for Others

The reason why we are not trying to get messages for others during meditation are varies according to the situation you are in. The main reason is that you usually are left with nothing to add when you have given what you remember of the message. The person, in spirit, who gave you that message, has gone, so you cannot ask for clarification if the receiver of the message does not understand. How much better it is to be able to shoot from the hip, as it were, and be able to check that you got it right with the person in spirit there and then

No Messages for ourselves

To try to get any message for ourselves is beset with problems. The first of which is that we are biased and tend to bend the message usually unconsciously we tend to see with rose coloured glasses or with doom and gloom depending on our personality and therefore we can interfere with the intent of the information

Loved Ones?

Trying to get loved ones is very different from when they just pop in to our minds The rule here is let your relations choose when they wish to come to you and let them get on with their development and work in their spiritual domain. Do not keep on pulling them back. Just wait and be patient and let them choose when and if they want to visit you. If you have a love link with a person in spirit you are never apart. They are in your heart all the time, so however far you are apart you are always linked.

How are we going to achieve our Targets?

Buddhists Meditation shows the Way

In Buddhism the person meditating is not trying contact angels or any other supernatural entity or to go into trance.

Body and Mind

Meditation involves the body and the mind. Buddhists want to avoid what they call 'duality' and so their way of meditating must involve the body and the mind as a single entity. Meditation is a way of taking control of the mind so that it becomes peaceful and focused, and the person meditating becomes more aware. The purpose of meditation is to stop the mind rushing about in an aimless or a purposeful stream of thoughts, the aim of meditation is to still the mind.

Walking Meditation

Contrary to the general perception meditation is not the preserve of a quiet room with comfortable chairs. You can meditate anywhere the Buddhists have a walking meditation. You can stroll in a beautiful place and feel your mood change, are you meditating? Is your mind concentrated on the beauty of your environment

The Aim of Meditation

The aim of meditation is to help us turn our awareness away from the world of activity that usually preoccupies us, to the inner world of thoughts, feelings and perceptions. For Buddhists, the world of meditation is made up of mental states such as calm, concentration and one-pointedness (which comprises the six forces: hearing, pondering, mindfulness, awareness, effort and intimacy).

To Sum Up

The Buddhist way of meditation will clear our mind ready for spirit to impress us when they are ready so adopting this approach will prepare us for the development we wish to pursue.

We now need to know how to proceed, there are some example Buddhist type meditations on the page named example1